About Sire Spot

Our main objective was to create a directory of various species and breeds of sire to be used by farmers, ranches and sire owners alike. We focused on the need for an accessible, easy-to-use online space for all groups to view to buy and/or advertise genetics to interested parties. Sire Spot has now introduced the idea of a competitive field for advertising and selling genetics in a convenient way.

Owen and his wife Krista live near Anna, Ohio (where they both grew up) and own and operate a niche production Berkshire swine farm called Moonlight Farms. Both Owen’s and Krista’s backgrounds are rich in swine production. Owen obtained an Animal Science degree from Kansas State University in 2020 which is where the idea for Sire Spot began. The Michael’s enjoy being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Chase was born and raised in Scott City, Kansas and currently lives and works there in the cattle feedyard industry. Chase's family owns and operates their family farm in Eastern Kansas where they raise corn, soybeans and run stocker cattle on pasture. Chase obtained an Animal Science degree in May of 2021 from Kansas State University. Chase enjoys spending most of his days outdoors working in the agriculture industry and spending time with friends and family.

Luke and his wife Kayla and their daughter, Odelia, live near Muncie, Indiana. Together they work on their farm raising brood cattle, bottle claves, sheep and various other animals. Luke grew up in Russia, Ohio. He has raised livestock since 2014, is a certified welder and has been self-employed for four years. Kayla’s background is also diverse in livestock, as she has worked for local farmers, a local butcher shop and for Cooper Farms near her hometown of Fort Recovery, Ohio.